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by Tenjou Utena (figmentrose)
at March 27th, 2006 (06:48 pm)

Surprise rippled through Utena's mind like a blanket being aired out at her Engaged's droll humor. The song didn't ring any bells at all, but then few things did those days. Still, she stood steady and unmovable beneath the lovely girl's winter gaze. She was saved from reply by the sudden groan of the door open and the sweeping entrance of Himeno Amatsuichi, the Student Council's president.

Dark haired and emerald eyed, the seitokaichou was the shoki's polar opposite. If her engaged was Winter then Himeno Amatsuichi was Summer. Utena inclined her head gently at the dismissive greeting and gave that ever ambiguous smile.

"Good afternoon, Miss President." She stood silent as marble during the duo's exchange and when attention was turned on her again she gave no more emotion than she had during the entire time she'd been standing immobile.

"You can go, Utena. Try not to give more un-compliments to anyone else, would you."

For a moment amusement kindled in blue eyes and then it was gone, smothered like flames beneath the weight of reality and duty. Was there really anything to laugh about? Particularly not from this ice queen who held her strings. No, the only one she could trust was Akio. He'd told her so, he'd proven it true, he was the only prince she had.

Then why don't I feel like a pri-

The rest of that thought hit some mental block like a brick wall and faded into darkness. The scent of roses filled her nose and mind and soul and she bowed gracefully.

"Of course, miss."

And withdrew from the building, the ever obediant doll. She immediatly dismissed returning to the dorm building and instead cut across the tangle of stairs, platforms, and building and made her way towards the rose garden.