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by Ruriko Kanatal Emura (clockworkdove)
at March 26th, 2006 (01:02 am)

Perfect. The word was like a well aimed sword that slipped neatly and smoothly into her chest and twisted. If she'd had even an ioda less control she would have hissed. Instead eyes like sky and cut sapphire fixed Utena with a look of mute appraisal and intense thought.

She licked her lips as if they'd been bloodied and figuratively drew the blade from her breast. "I see. A point to you." And wiped the steel clean. "Tell me, do you know Seal's 'Kiss From A Rose'? If not I can hum a few bars and you can pick up when you think you've got it."

The weight of her cool regard was lifted from the Rose Bride's shoulders when the doors of the music hall groaned open lazily. The dark haired girl who swept inside brought with her the scent of lilacs and sunlight, cradled in an atmosphere of absolute surity and poise. Radiance echoed in the smile she turned towards the pink haired student, laced with condescension or not. Yes, Himeno Amatsuichi acted as if she owened the room, and for all intensive purposes she might well have.

"Good evening Himeno-san. Your sovereignty is showing again." She sat back down on the piano bench though she faced away from the instrument. The skirt of her uniform rested like shadow against the honey of golden brown wood. 

"You can go, Utena. Try not to give more un-compliments to anyone else, would you."

She'd wait until the heavy doors of the hall had closed again, like the reshutting of a prison door. A silence descended on the room, thick and heavy and suffocating strung with impending trouble. Whatever Himeno had sought her out for it, friendly companionship wasn't it. She closed her eyes a moment, curling fingers lightly around the edge of the piano bench then opened again. Their attention fixed itself on Himeno then, comfortable and nearly expressionless.

"You mentioned an issue. Not that Rose Dragon nonsense, again?"