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by Ohtori Akio (satireprince)
at March 26th, 2006 (02:45 am)

The petals of an orange rose have begun to fall from the single flower nestled in a black vase. The fragments of the vibrant blossom stand stark against the paper of a white envelop resting innocently on the windowsill of Juri Arisugawa's Office for the Fencing Captain to find when and if she returned.

Nothing was written on the either side of the envelope but the Rose Crest seal was pressed into the back. The chairman's seal.

Dear Miss Arisugawa, 

It is my pleasure to welcome you back to Ohtori Academy and to express my greatest joy that you have filled the position of our fencing coach. You have my best wishes as other employees have seemed to have found that position hard to hold, though no doubt you'll succeed with flying colors. 

I do hope you have not forgotten your fond days here at the academy and I wish to invite you, at your leisure naturally, to my wing of Ohtori Academy, the planetarian tower. You're welcome at anytime, of course. 

You have my best wishes. 

Ohtori Academy Chairman,
Akio Ohtori