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Kaoru Kozue [userpic]
by Kaoru Kozue (ceruleanxrose)
at April 3rd, 2006 (07:06 pm)

Classes dragged the entire week, and everything seemed so scrunched in an orb of uncertainty.

At least, it did for Kozue.

No sign of her brother, the sole purpose she had returned in the first place. He wasn't in any of the buildings he once loved to leisure in. None of the instructors had any idea where he could be. Both the students at the piano recitals and fencing games knew nothing of where he had gone off too...

And, as the stressed seemed to pile on top of one another, the student body in general seemed to be in a slump. Nothing outspoken or amusing was going on, and Ohtori was slowly pacing itself in a tight, unknown dilema.

As she rushed to and fro, classes seemed only to get longer. There had to be a way to rush this.

Or, was it forever to be moving at the stillness of the hour?

One day, as Kozue heard the bell that sounded the lunch period, she suprisingly took a new way towards the cafeteria. It was through the forests of Ohtori. "These remind me of... home." she quietly whispered to herself. She could no longer stand it. And, suddenly, she found herself running.

Running. Faster than she had ever before. Across campus, like a blur of her distorted past.

Her breath was turning into a pant. And, she stopped. Her legs, still motors. Holding the vice that had captured her, she looked up. Up at the building before her. She read the sign to herself: Ohtori Fenching Hall. "Quite a familiar place," she chuckled. "I remember watching Miki as he dueled the captain.

The captain. She was the only other person close to Miki. Was she still in Ohtori? Kozue had heard of her return, days ago... But, could it be? And would she hold the key Kozue was so long searching for...?

Without a second thought, Kozue reached for the brass doorknob. Suddenly, her heart was beating faster than ever.
"This...fencing thing, may just be the thing to bring me closer to you."