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by Amatsuichi Himeno (thepuppetqueen)
at April 3rd, 2006 (09:25 pm)

A true smile touched her lips at Emura's dry banter. If she had been able to have any insight into Utena's thoughts about herself and the Student Council Secretary, Himeno really couldn't have agreed more. She crossed the stage to sink down gracefully on the piano bench next to the golden haired girl as the hall's door closed with a soft whisper behind the strawberry haired rose bride.

"You're such a kind mistress to the doll, Emura."

Dark hair spilled over her shoulders to tangle against her cheeks creating almost tribal like designs against sallow pigmentation. Emerald eyes danced unreadably behind the black curtain as she lifted fingers and rested them on the ivory piano keys lightly. Her lips curled a bit,

"No. That particular rumor has died and hopefully won't be back." Her fingers began to move as she drew a soft melody from the instrument. It wasn't as good at the golden haired shoki's playing but it was far from bad. "More than likely it's just students playing a prank."

Despite her words however, Himeno had a shadowing feeling that it was something mroe than cruel jokes and gossiping girls that were behind the spreading myth. The chill that rose on the back of her neck, the thrilling feeling of forboding, and the memories of the night in the dueling forest when they were initiated into the student council. Well...that was taboo territory, that.

"If we're to talk about shadows then it's one from the past I'm worried about." The song she played took on a sound that was almost amused. "I don't suppose you heard about the new fencing teacher shut up with your prize in here the way you were." She shot Emura a sly, teasing look from around her hair. "Thinking of making her a bride in more than name only, Miss Secretary."

She played four pointed notes then fell into the repeating chorus of the song again, allowing a few measures to fall between the line of conversation before she picked up the thread again.

"As to the issue...does the name Arisugawa Juri ring any bells for you?"