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by Ruriko Kanatal Emura (clockworkdove)
at April 4th, 2006 (08:58 pm)

The sun outside had shifted till the light that spilled in through the stained glass windows now illuminated the center of the room leaving a majority of the piano and thus, the two of them seated at it in shadow. The Student Council President seemed perfectly at ease in it, with her hair spilling to the polished stage floor and rivalling the darkness, winning naturally, while her own golden tresses beckoned the light closer an flashed in citrine and topaz shades defiantly.

"I'm not a four year old to break a toy simply for the sake of breaking it." She tipped her head back a bit, lifting her eyes sedatly to the rafters over head. "Really, as long as she's the key to eternity I'll keep her. And as long as she doesn't cause any trouble I don't care what she does."

Ruriko had never bothered labeling the people around her. Terms like friend or lover always seemed like titles such as queen or duchess, for her to be much interested in associating them with anyone. Though Himeno was possibly the only one she'd tangle up in such categories she never forgot that, in that case, the dark haired president also teetered neatly on the enemy line as well. Though Himeno encouraged forgetting they were, in the end, rivals for their goals. Taking the power of miracles for themselves.

The sound of music filled her thoughts like water spilling into a vase, an ambiguous melody that couldn't seem to decide what emotion it wanted to display. A good imitation of the girl who played it. The reassurance about the extinction of the Rose Dragom rumor was good news atleast, though she doubted the rest of Himeno's report would follow this trend. She studied the glossy coat of her nails as the Student Council President went on speaking.

"I don't suppose you heard about the new fencing teacher shut up with your prize in here the way you were. Thinking of making her a bride in more than name only, Miss Secretary?"

Amusement touched the sapphire color of her eyes. "Only if she asks nicely, Miss President." That dry witt humor again, easily miss if one didn't watch the shifting tones in her eyes, that which she let slip to the surface.

Ruriko leaned back, allowing the song that Ruriko played to swell around her as she digested the entirety of Himeno's words.

"As for that name..." She paused a moment, closing her eyes lightly. "Arisugawa Juri; birthdate, December first, blood type A. Former student of Ohtori Academy, captain of the school Fencing Club, and one of the previous Student Council members. She held the...Treasurer position I think. Perfect grades, flawless attendance, loved by teachers, adored by students, called The Prince of the academy."

Ruriko had made it a point to research all the previous Student Council members before her own induction ceremony. She arched an eyebrow in Himeno's direction.

"I wonder, if we held the two of your records together how many differences we could find. I'd think...two. Four at the most."