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by Amatsuichi Himeno (thepuppetqueen)
at April 6th, 2006 (07:53 pm)

The laugh that slipped from her fell perfectly in tune with the piano music. Teasing Emura always seemed a circular thing. She shook her head making that black silk curtain ripple over her shoulders and against her arms gently where she sat comfortably in the lengthening shadows.

"You do know a bit about Arisugawa. A fan, are we?" She reached over the golden haired girl to play a few of the lower notes in alternating sucession. "If you ask me I'd say the two of you are more similar than she and I. But that's a debate for another time."

Returning to the higher, song bird like scales again she allowed the song to invade the conversation as she listened to the hectic voices of the students beyond the hall. They were like sheep and extras; not quite on stage but not behind the curtain either. There could only be one director. And one star.

"I'm sure you'll be interested to know, my dear Secretary, that your estemed Miss Arisugawa has filled the empty Fencing Coach position at the academy." Himeno bowed her head a bit. "And it seems there's know lapse in her knowlege about End of the World and the Student Council."

She lifted her hands and the silence swalled the song as suddenly as if the piano had been sliced in half. She leaned back on the bench, bracing herself with her hands, and tipped her head back to look at the rose crest created by the colored glass of the high windows.

"The school has changed since her reign but still... We don't know how much she knows, how much End of the World told the old duelists, or even if they went through what we did. If she gets involved it could mean more trouble for the student council."