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by Tsubasa Kikyou (sapphire_waltz)
at April 11th, 2006 (11:27 pm)

The whispers snaked through the academy like a rolling fog, battering bullet like against the mantle of her composure. Captivated eyes were watching every move she made as if expecting her to suddenly collapse in a heap against the rose choked stones of the school.

She would not.
That would be unforgivable.

"Miss Kikyou is back!"
"Miss Kikyou?"
"The Student Council Treasurer. She's been in the hospital for the last few weeks."
"No way. Her? That's the Student Council Treasurer? What a let down."
"Well she's no Amatsuichi or Emura, but you should hear her voice!"
"Her voice? What's so great about a voice?"
"Oh, you're so dense, sometimes. Let's go tell more people!"

These were things she overheard nearly constantly and Kikyou didn't bat an eyelash at them. They never had and never would bother her. If anything the ignorant murmuring of Ohtori's student body only reaffirmed her resolve.

The afternoon sunlight glimmered off the ring on her finger and slid along the length of the glossy dark blue headband that held her hair back out of her face. She moved through the corridors of the upper levels of the academy, the wagging tounges fading into silence as the number of students thinned like watered down liquor. It was only when she was free of their eyes that she allowed sound to pass from between her lips in the form of a throaty sign.

She'd reached the top room of an obilisk shaped tower, leaning against the arched windows, to look down at the maze like layout of the academy.

She was back.

"I wonder what trouble Himeno is making this week."