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Welcome to Ohtori Coffin,
a Post-Revolutionary Girl Utena RPG
blending movie, series, and original creation elements.

Moderators: OhtoriMods

The Story

-Setting: Movie Academy

-Events: They thought it was the end. The noble fool had tapped the power of Dios and the captive princess had fled the castle leaving the fallen prince in ruins. The rest of the student council and former duelists escaped to the outside world. However, Akio prevented the full revolution from happening by capturing Utena, wiping her memory, and making her the new Rose Bride. Now, with a whole new year of students, he plans to once again try and grasp the power of eternity, the power of miracles, the power to revolutionize the world. The only thing standing in his way is the return of Anthy and Ohtori's former student body. It comes down to the decision of whose stronger; the original duelists or these new, darker ones.

Worse still, Ohtori students are slowly going missing. Rumors of a draconic shaped sillhouete smelling of roses have begun to circulate but the creature has yet to be caught or solidly identified. And the Student Council members are hard pressed to conceal the fact that they, too, are at a loss.

You may think you're aquainted with Ohtori, and what the Student Council is all about, but you'll soon discover you've been left in the dark.

-The Uniform:


1. DO NOT GODMOD. This is a common rule, it should be second nature by now.

2. Your character can be either canon or original. Depending on which you choose you will fill out one of two applications.

3. Each character must have their own journal, just for this RPG, that has not been used previously for anything else.

4. If you choose a canon character you have the option of choosing between their movie, series, or manga appearance and history.

5. All characters don't have to be duelists.

6. You are allowed a maximum of 2 characters. End of discussion.

7. Please try to use correct grammar and spelling. There is nothing more annoying then internet-slang in a role-play game. We will rise up as one and smite you.

8. Relationships of all sorts can be allowed (this is an Utena RPG after all) and sexually explicit content may arise. We will expect maturity from all members.

9. If a sexually explicit post is made please place it behind a LJ-cut with a warning.

10. Do not make any OOC posts in the journal. Those go in Ohtori Coffin's OOC community, Ohtori Lines

11. Once you've been accepted into the RPG please join the following communities as well;

-- ohtori_lines -- Which is the OOC community. Feel free to discuss anything there from Touga's hair to taking over the world.

-- therosearena -- Only duelists are allowed to post in this journal and only during a duel for the Rose Bride, however non-duelists should keep an eye on it as well.

-- ohtoribalcony -- Only the student council members (and The Rose Bride) are allowed the post in this journal, unless you're invited by End of The World. However, like the rose arena, everyone should keep an eye on this community too. Just incase.

12. The Student Council will be all original characters. As a result the first four to join and request to take a Student Council Position will get them.

13. You should also put the ohtorimods journal on your friends list. We will be popping up ocassionally as everyone's favorite shadow girls, just to add a little cryptsism to the game.

14. If you would like to affiliate, please email it or post the request in Ohtori_Lines.

15. Have fun! That's the point, right?


To join, fill out the correct application below then and send it to IllusionaryCastle@hotmail.com and once you've been approved you can join the communities.

Canon Character Application
Once you've created your character's livejournal and been accepted into the community you should specify, in your LJ profile, whether you chose the movie, series, or manga appearance and history for your character.

-Character You're Applying For:
-Character Livejournal:
-Character's Age:
-Appearance: Manga/Series/Movie
-History: Manga/Series/Movie
-Personality: ((Yes I'm allowing slight alterations to your canon character's personality. The key word being slight. If it's anything particularly major then please provide a good reason.))
-Excuse For Returning to Ohtori: ((You can't just be wandering around. What are you doing there. i.e.: teacher, guidance councilor, etc))
-Will You Be Dueling Again?: ((Yes, canon characters will be able to challenge the new, original duelists. Just make sure you specify in your post that your character is wearing the rose crest ring still))
-RPG Sample:

Original Character Application
Once you've created your character journal and been accepted into the community you should put the character information portion of the application in your LJ profile.

-Character's Name:
-Character Livejournal:
-Character's Age:
-Brief History:
-Duelist: ((If yes, please give your character's reason for wanting to revolutionize the world))
-Rose Color: ((Please provide color code))
-RPG Sample:


Quick Availability Canon Check

The blurred characters are taken.

Character Sheet

IconCharacter NameLJ JournalStatusRose Color
Akio Ohtori
Utena Tenjou
Rose Bride
Himeno Amatsuichi
Student Council President
Dark Violet
Ruriko Emura
Student Council Secretary
Light Yellow
Juri Arisugawa
Fencing Coach
Kozue Kaoru
Tsubasa Kikyou
Student Council Treasurer
Navy Blue

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